1.0  Corporate Disclaimer

1.1 Security Measures

Mall 855 is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and your personal inform shall not to be disclosed to other parties unless otherwise, agreed by both parties. However, we cannot guarantee those who obtained, extracted, or used your personal information by other means or venues which are beyond our knowledge, controls and technical capabilities. If such incident occurs, Mall855.com is not responsible or liable for any unknowingly of any security breaches outside of our controls and technical capabilities.

1.2 Our Material Contents

Mall855.com is committed to providing due diligence to the best of our abilities to extract or publish ads or other related market information provided or published in Mall855.com web site is informative to product seekers or buyers. Ads and materials contained in our web site or extracted from various sources are based purely on available information at the current market environments and conditions; however, owing to the nature of this business, these results cannot be guaranteed as genuinely or ethically expressed by potentials buyers or customers. The information contained herein is intended for information only and does not constitute financial or professional advice in any shape or form. The information is not intended to constitute any offer by us to enter into a contract with you or any other party listed in our web site, unless otherwise, stated in a separate agreement. Some products identified and posted herein are purely based on local market intelligence researched, and extracted from various ads sources or business associates, printed Medias and individually posted.

1.3 Client’s Posted Materials & Contents
No materials or contents that are deemed inappropriate, unlawful, or causes disturbances among majority of viewer and readers, shall be allowed to be posted or advertised under any circumstances in Mall855.com website; if such incident occurs; Mall855.com has the absolute full right to delete client’s materials, terminate or cancel client’s hosting services and any contractual agreements without prior written notifications or seeking the expressions and clarifications from client. In addition, Mall855.com will be neither responsible nor liable for any personal and financial compensation to client if such incident occurred whether it is unknowingly or intentionally.

2.0  General Privacy Statement

Generally, mall855.com will use your email address or personal details to contact or provide you with other agreed services from time to time about matters directly related to our website, such as sending you email alerts on latest product postings that are suitable to your searches or changes in your password or our website that may affect you. Your email address or any other part of your personal information will never be disclosed to third parties. You will be able to remove any of your personal information stored in our systems at any time, by using the on-line forms in our website.

3.0  Product Posting Policies

We regard your ads and contact information as a personal document and we encourage you to have full control over it, and it is your decisions whether or not you prefer to have your contact details such as name, address, telephone number visible to potential customer. In addition, we provide you with the various options when posting your ads our database; it is not a mandatory for you to disclose your personal details, except pertinent info such as your email address. We provide you with the option of which personal details you wish to store and info which you do not to list. Regardless, it’s entirely up to you to decide whether other personal information you want to be included in our database. When posting your ads, we will encourage you to provide us your email address, this email address will be disclosed to potential buyers/customers who actively looking for certain employees in our database, and we will only use your email address for the purpose of sending you latest important information and to contact you about matters directly related to our agreed services.

4.0 Featured Ads by Email Alert Service

When you subscribe to the Featured Ads Email Alert Service with Mall855.com, you will receive automatic emails between 1 or 2 times a week or where required and necessary. Email messages which we will send to you including important features that have been posted in the specialized and/or categories specified by you when you subscribed with Mall855.com. Furthermore, if you wish you can switch your search criteria at any time or unsubscribe the email alert service at any time by using our on-line forms. Your email address will never be disclosed to any third party, and will only be used by us to send you featured ads updates, or to contact you about matters directly related to our website.

4.0  Security Measures Policy

At Mall855.com, we have implemented and designed reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure your personal information which is stored in our database is secured and protected according to our technical capability, however, we cannot assure or guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to manipulated or override those measures or taking your personal information from our database for other purposes which are deemed inappropriate or unlawful. For this important security reason, Mall855.com will not be responsible or liable for any compensations, or damages as a result of authorized use and/or access of your personal information by other means or venues which are beyond our control and capability.

6.0 Internet Access for Children

This site is designed and operated for the purpose of posting ads to search for products or other commercially advertised materials, and is not intended for children under 16 years of age. We do not responsible for any information collected from site navigators which are under 16 ages.

7.0 Changes to this privacy policy

If we ever change this privacy policy, we will post the changes on this page and inform by email all our users so that anyone may be aware of them and they will be given a chance to ask us not to use their information for the changed purposes.

8.0 Payment Policy

8.1 Product & Service Hosting Services

To ensure that we serve you better and to secure your spot in mall855.com; we require our client to make payment of their full agreed amount to mall855.com within 5 working days prior to launching or hosting client’s products and services in Mall855.com website. At our discretions, Mall855.com reserves the full right to terminate or delay the launching or hosting of client’s products or services without any liabilities or compensations in any shape or form. However, we will send notification via email as a friendly reminder prior to terminating any hosting client’s products and services.

8.2 Payment Term

For client who purchases more than 3 months of our hosting services has the option to pay their full fees on an installment bases, i.e., a full amount of the 1st month payment is required within 5 working days prior to launching and hosting client’s products and services, the 2nd month payment is required in 5 working days prior to launching and hosting client’s products and services. The outstanding balance shall be paid by 5 working days prior to 3rd month hosting and launching of client’s products and services.

8.3 Late Payment
For any late payments, Mall855.com reserves the full right to terminate or cancel the hosting of client’s products and services without any advanced notifications, unless other arrangements have been made or agreed by parties in writing. Subsequently, Mall855.com will neither responsible nor liable for any disruptions or damages to client’s products and services as a result of late payment.

8.4 Methods of Payment
For product and service payments, client can choose the following options:

a) By Cash: Client can drop off payment in terms of cash at Mall855.com office at No. 15E0, Street 582, Beoung Kak 2, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. No cash amount that is greater than $1000USD will be accepted at our office location.

2 By Cheque: Client can issue a cheque payable to at Mall855.com office at No. 15E0, Street 582, Beoung Kak 2, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. No postdated cheque will be accepted, unless otherwise, agreed by both parties. We will not accept cheque which issued under “Cash” or other individual “Name”.

8.6 International Payments
International customers may pay by (YOUR CREDIT CARD) or by Wire Transfer. No checks or money orders drawn on foreign banks will be accepted.

8.7 Payment Refund
No partial or full payment shall be returned to client such as
a) voluntarily cancellation,
b) network disruptions which are beyond our technical knowledge and capabilities,
c) caused by natural disaster such as storms, earth quakes, floods, and terrorist attacks which affecting the entire networks.

9.0 Customer Service Policy

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, you can contact us. We welcome your comments concerning this privacy policy. If you believe that we have not adhered to this policy, please let us know and we will make reasonable efforts to promptly determine and solve the problem.